There is a million method on how to run IPTV on Firestick in this Tutorial we will use Kodi with firestick and  Since we are using a Firestick which is based on Android we need to download the APK Version of Kodi (ARM)

What we need to get started  ?

You should download Kodi and the adbLink Tool  to upload the Kodi apk to your firestick :

Download adbLink Tool 

Download Kodi App (apk)

Go to the Kodi website and download the ARM version of the app.

in the download section choose Android .

a popup should appear , select  ARMv7A (32BIT).

Now go to your firestick settings -> Device -> Developer Option.

Make sure to turn Both of this Option’s ON.

Next  we need the IP Address of your FireStick! To find the IP we need to navigate to System > Info > Network

Note: You can also find your FireStick Sticks IP under your Router Settings as “kindle”.


Write down your ip Address we are going to use it with adbLink Tool

Open adblink Tool on your computer and select New

write anything in the description , and put your IP address in the “Address” Field and press Save.


Now click on connect. 

and Your firestick is connected with adblink Tool !

Now in order to install Kodi to your Firestick, you need to press Install APK and then open the .apk File of the ARM Kodi App downloaded.

Press YES on all alert messages and wait until you see a hint “Installed”.

Now you can find Kodi on the Library.

once you have Kodi on your firestick,  you can follow up the next tutorial on how to setup ThunderIPTV on Kodi.